Lonnie Ward at Oak Haven Farms

Name Yolanda Ward Your Site Oakhavenfarmsga.com About My Site / Blog We are a Koi farm in Georgia, also specializing in aquatic plants and perennial garden plants. As a retired Vet tech- I am happy to help with fish health when I can. There is no one else in my area. Which Best Describes You? … Read more

Karen Pattist

Karen Pattist Your Site http://www.koiorganisationinternational.org About My Site / Blog K.O.I. is an international group of expert hobbyist-volunteers who want to promote FUN in the hobby by teaching all aspects of Koi and pond keeping, with a focus on Science. Which Best Describes You? I’m a Fish Hobbyist My Links Page https://koiorganisationinternational.org/links-events-calendar-and-other-koi-sites