Chlorpheniramine for Clint’s Cat

A cat can have chlorpheniramine 4mg

A smaller cat would get 1/2 tab and a regular to big cat would get a whole tab.

Make sure it’s ONLY chlorpheniramine without anything else. For example, added acetominophen will just kill the shit out of a cat.

  • You can give it every 12 hours
  • It’s for a wet nose and excessive sneezing
  • A little bit of sneezing is okay
  • Cats have to get shit out of their sinuses so it shan’t be crushed entirely.
  • If the cat is depressed, not eating, has crusty eyes, or diarrhea, this is all stupid advice.

if it DOES NOT WORK then the cat may have nasal polyps, sinus infection, tooth root abscess, sinus cancer if elderly or something more serious. See the Vet.

Author: Dr. Erik Johnson
Dr. Erik Johnson is the author of several texts on companion animal and fish health. Johnson Veterinary Services has been operating in Marietta, GA since 1996. Dr Johnson graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. Dr Johnson has lived in Marietta Georgia since 1976.