Client Communication: Big Scaredycat German Shepherd First Visit To Vet

I have the following 5 ideas / opinions.


First, we should get the shots up to date, “ready or not here we come” because of the enormous liability if he were to nip someone.


I’d get a silicone muzzle: (This is the one I got for Ajax)
He could wear it around the house for 20-30 minutes at a time til he got used to it.
It’s not ‘the best’ to put a mask on a dog RIGHT when he goes into an anxious state. If he’s used to it, by frequent short applications in a calm environment over time, it’s preferable.
I used this mask on Ajax (my dog) when we were introducing new dogs at the house and we didn’t want a ‘thing’ to occur. He HATED it at first. Pawed at it. But I gave him cracker bits through the mask every 5 minutes he was wearing it, and he simmered down. Now he can wear it without a care. 
Bring him up at the appointed time and I’ll run out front and give him his shots in his mask with you holding him –  IF YOU WANT.
There are bunches of other ways to do it but I wanna get it DONE fast. We can’t wait for him to be all trained up and stuff. That’s a couple months from now.
We can give you a tranquilizer to give him, if you would like him to experience that all with more ‘calm’.
Then, I’d have you see one of two trainers with him.

Trainer: Sandy.

Sandy at DogSchool101 is like, German Shepherd crazy. That’s her “jam” and you will get a lot out of her training. I’d call her first and let her meet your dog.
    2171 Kingston Ct  Suite I Marietta, GA 30067
    PHONE:   770-850-8383
    FAX:   770-850-8382Sandy Watson

    Certified Trainer- Georgia Department of Education Commission
    Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
    Approved Evaluator of the AKC Good Citizen Program
    Registered Delta Society Pet Partners Team
    Member of the Georgia Canine Coalition
    Member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of North Georgia

If you meet her and it’s not a “match” or for some reason she isn’t ‘up to the challenge’ with him, I’d give you another recommendation. But the second choice guy is less-known to me.


So we COULD use some Prozac or similar and that’s fine, it wouldn’t be for life. I’d see the trainer first, though and ask if you NEED something to make education smoother. Sometimes medicine establishes communication where it’s missing. Then the communication / training eliminates the need for medicine. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work.
We could use Acepromazine JUST for visits to the vet. That’s probably a very good idea for him and us both.
You can come get a couple Ace tablets before you bring him over for those shots IF YOU WANT – and we can get him some Prozac later if you want. I’d rather not. But if trainer thinks it’d help, that’s cool.

And CBD.

For dogs that just need it “taken down a notch”  –  a month’s worth of CBD is a good idea. And that can be used WITH any other regimen of ‘calm’
He would need the 3000mg Berry Flavored CBD from and get 0.25ml twice a day x 1 month before assessing how it is working.
Dr Erik Johnson is a Marietta, Georgia Veterinarian with a practice in small animal medicine. He graduated from University of Georgia with his Doctorate in 1991. Dr Johnson is the author of several texts on Koi and Pond Fish Health and Disease as well as numerous articles on dog and cat health topics.