Feeding Puppies (Exhaustive, Complete)

I’ve answered this question a thousand times and never wrote anything down ha ha ha ha. This article answers all possible quesstions from what to feed, how much to feed, what brands to feed, when to feed and how many times a day to feed among other concerns. It’s downloadable or read online.

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Feeding a Dog in One Page

How to Feed a Dog In One Page So when my clients come in, the single most common physical exam “defect” I find is the dog’s weight. And the thing is, they’re quadripeds which means they bear a lot of weight straight ACROSS the back and not up-and-down like we do. And they’re not gifted … Read more

AMAZING: FOS Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides Chicory Root Soluble Fiber

What is FOS and Why Should I Care? FOS stands for “Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides” and it’s pure “inulin”  – (not insulin lol) Inulin is the ‘active ingredient” in all the cholesterol-lowering-good-gut-germ-growing-probiotics in the plant kingdom. Black beans, canned pumpkin, sweet potato, etc. It turns out, to maintain a decent quality poop for most indoor dogs, “FOS” is … Read more

How Dogs Are Supposed to Eat

How Dogs Are Supposed to Eat A puppy eats BIG A stray eats BIG A normal dog eats dry dog food with little interest, may even skip meals. You have to add something to the dry food to keep them eating ‘well’ at every feeding, but then they go past “lean” and into fat. A … Read more

Dogs and Cats Shouldn’t Have Chicken Butts

Dogs and cats should never have chicken in their butt. Trying to get your attention with that headline. How does chicken end up in the butts of dogs and cats? (Alternative title: “Inflammatory bowel disease due to whole protein maldigestion in colon” much less provocative.) The gastrointestinal tract could be broken into three segments. The … Read more

What’s the Best Dog Probiotic on Amazon?

What’s the Best Dog Probiotic on Amazon? We’ve almost forever known that our gut contains germs. We learned a little more recently that many of the germs in our gut a “good” and necessary. In the recent past, science learned that we can implant / transplant beneficial germs to the gut. Very recently, we realized … Read more

Consequences of Atkins style, or ultra low carb feeding

Weight loss in dogs by feeding Atkins style is extraordinary, nothing short of exciting, when dogs are not given carbohydrates for a while their appetite planes down as they are no longer on the blood sugar roller coaster. Weight peels off of them and it’s just fat weight so it is very healthy. My two-year-old … Read more

What Does Ajax Eat Now? Grain Free Nutrition?

What Do You Recommend for Dogs on Grain Free, DCM-List feeds? My priorities IN ORDER: Quality Nutrition Rice instead of peas / lentils Cost Deliverable Not Chewy.com My reason for changing foods was that Ajax was eating ultra low carb and that had cut him down to super-lean. Like, muscular with veins showing. As low-carb … Read more

Case: Can My Dog Food Cause DCM? Cardiomyopathy?

Hi, Dr. Johnson, Just ran into this article on the internet and was horrified that the food from Costco that was recommended to us is on this list. Should we stop feeding the “Nature’s Domain” to our dog? https://whdh.com/news/fda-announces-dog-food-brands-that-could-cause-heart-failure Answer to: Can My Dog Food Cause DCM? Cardiomyopathy? A diet that’s truly “grain free” BUT … Read more