Assessment of Silybin / Which is Pretty Much “Denamarin” (Of Which I Hold a Low Opinion)

Denamarin was a “me too” veterinary preparation of Milk Thistle sold as a ‘proprietary’ answer to the far-more-effective “Urso” which is ‘ursodehydrocholic acid’ and had been working WELL for liver disease, cirrhotic, fibrotic, infectious….But Veterinarians didn’t ‘control’ the drug and there was a generic.

Milk Thistle contains minuscule amounts of UDCA and so it was a “me too” but didn’t work as well. So I stuck with Urso.

Denamarin contains SILYBIN as well, which is a ‘not-inconvenient’ delivery system for flavonoids. Those are ‘oils’ that can come from various thinks like Palmarosa oil, etc. Except Silybin contains SEVERAL Flavonoids.

So, I went out and found a decent study that performed to HUMAN-level stakes of research quality and reviews of thousands of pieces of literature. Thank god I didn’t have to do it LOLOLOL

Here’s the publication, in it’s entirety and not to decrease the economic value of the original document nor use it in a commercial measure. Fair use.

This document is a records review of numerous human studies on Silybin, the active in Denamarin.