The Cobb Emergency Clinic – Marietta Georgia

The Cobb Emergency Clinic -Marietta Georgia

Good News: They’re great

Bad News: They’ve been bought out by Blue Pearl which means the prices are going to be prevailingly higher, and with the doctors now on commission up to 15% (oh corporate!) when there’s a decision to be made “whether to, or whether NOT to” the decision is always “to” do extra stuff. Still, when you need immediate, intensive care, this is where to go.

They’re open 24 hours a day. I like them for pure oxygen therapy, trauma cases, peracute surgical requirements, and as a conduit to specialists adjacent to the emergency clinic.

You can expect to pay a TON of money for the care there. Oh well.

Cobb Emergency Vet Clinic

This is the Cobb emergency veterinary clinic which is north of the 120 loop on Cobb Parkway or 41. You basically go to the big chicken and turn right heading north and shortly on your right you will see this building. This is the place to go with Emergency’s especially at night, their number is 770-424-9157


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Dr Erik Johnson

Dr Erik Johnson is a Marietta, Georgia Veterinarian with a practice in small animal medicine. He graduated from University of Georgia with his Doctorate in 1991. Dr Johnson is the author of several texts on Koi and Pond Fish Health and Disease as well as numerous articles on dog and cat health topics.