Tucker got into my meds

8-9years old
30-40 lbs ish

He appears to have swallowed up to two nights worth of the following meds:

  • Abilify (2MG)
  • Levothyroxine (100MCG)
  • Omeprazole/Prilosec (20MG)
  • Melatonin (12mg)
  • Zyrtec

Should we be worried??

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So it kinda depends on when he swallowed that.
None of it matters except MAYBE the Abilify and even then, I doubt it's a thing unless he starts acting disoriented.
Which is unlikely.
The other meds would have to be dosed repeatedly to build up to effect.
Abilify is a little bit like that too.
If it's been over 12 hours there's nothing to do.
If it's UNDER 2 hours you can induce vomiting.
In between there: 2+ hours and up, franchise vet medicine wants you to spend $3000 on gastric lavage, hospitalization, activated carbon slurries, fluids, kidney and other monitoring, EKG / Holter, blood pressure monitoring, a recheck thyroid level in 30 days, and the obligatory MRI/CT because those machines are expensive.
I'd leave it alone. And report any signs of “out of it” to suggest a “serotonin storm” is underway. Which I highly doubt.
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