What Are The Perfect Conditions to Make or Keep Fish Healthy?

Perfect Aquarium, Hospital Tank, or Quarantine? Everything Perfect to Make or Keep Fish Healthy

There are a few essential criteria for improving fish health and if you’re not already “doing it thusly” perhaps it’s time. There are TONS of ways to “do it right” but the following is how I treat fish, and house my tropicals. Goldfish benefit from all the same. At my house, this isn’t just for hospital tanks. This is exactly how I keep my community tanks.

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Sterilizing The Tank

“I’m going to break down, and sterilize the tank, gravel and plants.” It’s promised often and it’s USUALLY unnecessary. Sterilization of Environments is suggested as “The Way” to prevent diseases. This is widely advocated at the retail and wholesale level. They logically feel that a sterile environment is preferable to one that might harbor a … Read more

The Importance of “Light” to Koi, Goldfish and Aquarium Fish in General

Why Can’t Koi and Goldfish Live in the Dark? Is “Sunlight” Absolutely Necessary? It bears mentioning that light has several effects on fish which can ensure your success or failure. Full spectrum lighting with sufficient intensity and spectrum will stimulate the growth of healthy, green sessile algae. Algae benefit the fish in numerous ways including: … Read more

What Size Tank Should You Keep Goldfish In?

How To Keep Goldfish Happy – All About Their Tank – Bigger is Better. Outlaw the Goldfish Bowl Invest in at least a ten or twenty gallon system. The bigger the tank, and the more aeration the fish get, the happier they will be, the more active they will be and the easier it will … Read more

The Best Aquarium Filters, EVER

Sponge Filters are the BEST There are two reasons for this article. First, I use sponge filters in all my tanks and I’m not ashamed. They’re soft on fish bodies, easy to clean, effective, and they won’t even suck up fish babies, water clarity is GREAT and they Bioseed overnight (If you have a donor … Read more