Do This Now!

When you sign up for a newsletter, these days…

They’re shite. You know you sign up for a “funnel” of messages that are sent every three days and the owner doesn’t even remember what’s in the pipe set up to sell you things.

Well when you sign up for my list, you might hear from me every few months. And every time, it will be TWO important, useful, free bits or downloads, and one “hey think about buying this at Amazon, because it’s so cool.” (Case in point, my new impressions on Auto-Feeders for pets.

I will NOT bombard you and it isn’t a marketing funnel. It’s a good old fashioned Newsletter list for valuable updates. Seriously.

If I had you on a list right now, you’d be getting notifications about the release of my new book and probably? A dollar off.

NOTE: This confirmation email will come from “erikjohnsondvm@2606—” and will almost certainly end up in your spam folder. Please check there first.

NOTE: You will have to verify the email by clicking ONE link. Not very hard and it blocks spammers. At least, pretty well.