Assessment of Silybin / Which is Pretty Much “Denamarin” (Of Which I Hold a Low Opinion)

Denamarin was a “me too” veterinary preparation of Milk Thistle sold as a ‘proprietary’ answer to the far-more-effective “Urso” which is ‘ursodehydrocholic acid’ and had been working WELL for liver disease, cirrhotic, fibrotic, infectious….But Veterinarians didn’t ‘control’ the drug and there was a generic. Milk Thistle contains minuscule amounts of UDCA and so it was … Read more

Limbic Tumors (Melanoma)

The following is excerpted from one of my fave sites, (Vetfolio) for my notes category. (For future reference but linked for bibliographical accuracy.) Limbal (Epibulbar) Limbal melanomas are the most common ocular melanomas in dogs, accounting for 20% to 50% of these tumors,17-19 and are less common in cats.7 In both species, this tumor is typically a … Read more

Canine Cancer – Veterinary Notes of Some Worth

This is up here mainly for me. Or in case I have a colleague who wants to see a few things I put together to help me formulate a halfway decent chemotherapy protocol. Certain medicines are hard to get, including Chlorambucil and Cyclophosphamide. Those would run into the thousands over 2 months. However, Doxorubicin and … Read more

“My Dog Won’t Eat.” A Book on Appetite Science

This is only in my Vets Notes and Libraries section because it’s pretty much veterinarian notes on appetite, appetite stimulation, rule outs for failing appetite and medications that may help. There’s a discussion of ‘recently’ discovered hormones Leptin and gRhelin that mitigate appetite in dogs and pretty much every other mammal. “My Dog Won’t Eat.” … Read more

Cushing’s Disease Veterinary Notes

Cushing’s Disease Veterinary Notes So, I put together 39 pages of information on Cushing’s Disease, which is overactive Adrenal Glands. The body produces way too much Cortisol and the impact is insulin antagonism, and hunger and thirst, weight gain, thinning skin, premature aging. And increased vulnerability to infections. Actually, a lot of the same symptoms … Read more

Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD in Cats & Dogs

Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( IBD ) – Feline This is in my Vet Notes section as more of a library entry Inflammatory Bowel Disease is common, and I think more common in cats than dogs tbh. Recommendations: Metronidazole, steroids, fiber diet, B12, and probiotics. Inflammatory Bowel Disease _Feline_ Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Medical … Read more

Antibiotics And Fish: The Best Article

Dr Yanong on Antibiotics and Fish Dr Yanong wrote this down in Florida for the fish farmers and the aquaculture people, and is keenly important to, and relevant to, the tropical and pond fish trade. It is extremely thorough and the section on bath treatments with the doxycyclines / OTC’s against certain bacteria and in … Read more

How Toxic Is Advil Ibuprofen to Dogs?

How Toxic Is Advil Ibuprofen to Dogs? This document is authoritative for Ibuprofen toxicity in dogs. It’s in my Vets Notes library section for my future reference.  I did not write this and it is produced in its entirety.

Bromethalin Poisoning in Dogs, Cats – Neurotoxin for Rats

Download:  Bromethalin – Toxicology – Merck Veterinary Manual Bromethalin, a nonanticoagulant, single-dose rodenticide, is a neurotoxin available as bars (blocks), pellets, seed, and a fake worm you can give to Moles. The net result is cerebral and spinal edema and increased CSF pressure, leading to neurologic dysfunction. Bromethalin can cause either an acute or a … Read more

Excellent Read on Veterinary Oncology

This doesn’t pass for what someone like Terence Hamilton knows, as he is an oncology specialist, but for ‘the basics’ out here in general practice, this has good information. Looks like it was written / compiled by an AHT  –  not a doctor but it’s damn good nonetheless. So I’m putting it here for my … Read more