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The Epic “Arthritis Triad” Approach to Canine Arthritis

I’m no genius but these three medicines work wonders on Arthritis in canines. I’m sure it’s because it intercepts three out of five of the common factors in canine arthritic symptoms. (I’ll pick all that in another article)

  • Here’s the three medicines
  • How they’re used
  • What we want to achieve
  • What we do with those results

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The Arthritis Triad

Kidney Failure in Young(“ish”) Cats

Kidney Failure in Young(“ish”) Cats

See also:  Kidney Results

When you get blood work back on a pet (Cat), it’s about nine years old and it shows kidney failure it’s not always clear what’s going on. There’s another test or two that you’d run on a dog and there are some tests you could run on a cat. Actually, there are ways to spend thousands. Or, treat the treatable? Give this a listen.

The above does not constitute advice or replace the necessary input of your regular veterinarian within the confines of a VCPR. The above is as much a ‘document’ for the benefit of a particular client I sent to this, as it is to others who may face the same situation.

Diabetes III Insulin for a Fractious Pet

Diabetes III Insulin for a Fractious Pet

A mask may be necessary. Racing muzzles are pretty easy to put on. There are lots of kinds of masks.

Some people are like “Nuts to this, I know she has a right to complain but I’m not getting bitten over this” and let their dogs go. Depending on the ‘battle’ it is, I could be aligned to that thought process.

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A duplicate of the other Claro article for clients who type in

Claro One Time Ear Treatment for Canine Otitis Externa

Outer ear infections can be treated with a one-time application of a medicine called “Claro” which contains three medications to combat fungi, bacteria and inflammation. The owner doesn’t have to apply anything, and in fact, should avoid getting anything in the ear which might dissolve or remove the Claro treatment Continue reading Claro

Doc Johnson Do You Take Pet Insurance?

Doc Johnson, Do You Take or Provide Pet Insurance?

If it benefits the customer without hurting me, it would (on my side of the counter) smooth out the ‘seasonality’ of veterinary medicine and spread out the customer’s expenses.  But to be honest, it also means running a great big ‘receivables’ account and chasing people around who miss their premium? If you have ideas that work for everyone in this equation outside of the following, please share.

I am always considering how to do it, if it benefits me AND the customer. But so far it profits the vets and takes advantage of the customers:

The short answer isn’t short, and occurs in two parts.

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Come on, it’s just a dog.

Come on, it’s just a dog?

Reading the last page and closing the cover on the story of a dogs life hurts so much because we read these stories without holding back, and we try never to let ourselves consider that there is a last chapter, that the book will end and there is no sequel.

People who have never considered their dog to be their “friend“ probably would not understand the full weight of grief a person might feel.

The unconditional relationships we can have with a dog are singular in our lives. God is not a physical being, and babies grow up. Past that, the only limitation to a dog as a physical being who never grows up, is that they do grow old. And one day they stop.

It is normal to feel a tearful sense of loss.

Everyone copes differently, but I do not believe in “getting over it” or pushing it down.

I think that whenever a sad thought moves into my mind, I will answer it with my favorite memories of the departed companion. It has become a habit with my mother’s departure, so I know it will work with Ajax and Luna.