Chronic “on and off” Diarrhea in Small Doggos

For some small breeds like Yorkies, Morkies, Maltese, Shorkies, etc there’s a recurring cycle of:

Diarrhea to Colitis to HGE (Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis)

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Luxating patella

The luxating patella can be the result of stretching or breaking of one of the patellar collateral ligaments, meaning one of the four suspensory ligament that hold the patella or kneecap in place. If the kneecap tends to stay out of place a lot, it may actually fuse or adhere in that position which makes … Read more

Putting a Ziploc bag in the sock when socking a dog leg

Sometimes you want to protect a dog foot from drying, sock lint, and or keep medicine on the foot. That’s pretty easy if you slip a Ziploc bag up the foot and then cover that with a sock, tied over their back. there are other, fully illustrated, articles in this website about how to apply … Read more

Crushing a pill in a Ziploc bag

Sometimes crushing a pill is easier in a Ziploc bag than it is in an actual pill crusher. You’re going to want a freezer Ziploc bag because the thin Ziploc bags will be punctured. You can put all the pills in the Ziploc and then smash it with a meat tenderizer on the smooth side.

Lost Dog?

Do this and your dog will never get lost. Hello everyone, I see a lot of messages almost on a daily basis on dogs that accidentally get out of their house and get lost. It is very very sad to hear this when there is a very easy solution for it. I’ve worked with dogs for many years, at dog rescues in Mexico and I’ve had many dogs of my own. I don’t pretend to be an expert on canines but I have found this solution works the best to avoid your dog from ever getting lost in your neighborhood.

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Copperhead Snakebite

Copperhead head

Snake Bite (Envenomation) of Dog or Cat by Copperhead

(Alt Copperhead Snake Bite)

With the turn of Veterinary Medicine towards ‘not using steroids’ in animals, I’ve watched delayed-type-hypersensitivity reactions, and Addisonian-crises dogs die in the care of knowledgeable Emergency Clinic and Specialty Hospital clinicians. I’ve seen Copperhead bites cause unnecessary damage, and take weeks to heal.

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New Suture Pattern for V-Plasty

Uses Vicryl small suture, 2-0 or smaller.
One knot finishes the whole line and the tails can’t get into the eye.

2-0 Vicryl is used in case any suture remains in the skin there will be minimal consequence.

The  suture starts with a very long tail at the edge of the lid. The pattern is a simple continuous, except with each returning throw you either capture or avoid the first ‘free end’ as it follows the line down to the terminus of the incision.

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