Rhizoma coptidis dosing and supporting info.

Rhizoma coptidis dosing and supporting info.
I think we can go UP on the dose.
I like Rhizoma coptidis but I’m wondering if we’re giving enough?

So far NO dog on Rhizoma has had diarrhea or even a laxative effect from it. And the dogs on higher-end dosing have had better luck with their liver enzymes. But one dog, a 65 pound mix, had declining liver enzymes for two rounds, and then this third time, a full-stop to the decline and even, back up 200 points. (Still not the thousands it used to be) so we’re gonna increase dose. I believe there’s EASY room for TWENTY milligrams per pound x twice a day.
Here’s the “sheet” about rhizoma coptidis and how to measure it. Doc Johnson
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What’s the point of Rhizoma coptidis? It’s been held out in TCM as an alternative to Urso. Considerable savings can be realized but does it WORK?

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