Sterilizing The Tank

“I’m going to break down, and sterilize the tank, gravel and plants.” It’s promised often and it’s USUALLY unnecessary. Sterilization of Environments is suggested as “The Way” to prevent diseases. This is widely advocated at the retail and wholesale level. They logically feel that a sterile environment is preferable to one that might harbor a … Read more

Phosphate Removers Are A Waste of Money

You should be aware that in the normal scheme of things, phosphates cause algae to flourish. As such, phosphates became ‘the enemy’ to marketing weasels who would have you believe that algae are the bane of our existence. Phosphates are not considered overtly harmful to fish in naturally occurring amounts. Phosphate removers will attempt to … Read more

What’s Wrong With My Koi Fish?

What Is In Each Video? Table of Contents: Twenty Koi Health Video Tutorial Handling Stress -Have the fish been handled recently? Why that matters. Winter Stress -Temperature. Is it winter? Summer? Why that matters Feeding or Underfeeding – Feeding and Underfeeding. Why that matters. Ammonia Toxicity -Ammonia and it’s super common, why it matters and … Read more

Goldfish Care and Success for the Beginner

Many Goldfish keepers are unaware that the highly selected Asian “carps” are very well suited for warmer waters. Ranchus, Orandas, Bubble eyes, etc all do better in heated systems, e.g. 74-78 degrees at a minimum, which *might* mandate a heater, especially during the winter. The problems you can encounter with Goldfish kept too cool include: … Read more

How To Winterize Your Koi and Pond Fish

Winter in the mountains of Niigata are cold. Some Wintertime Koi Management Considerations Winterizing Koi and Wintertime Koi Care – by Doc Johnson This is the time of year that we consider our Koi as being “dead asleep” and we do not worry too much about them because water temperatures are so cool that parasites and … Read more

Bil Wight’s Paste Food for Koi and Pond Fish 

Bil Wight’s Paste Food for Koi and Pond Fish Some ingredients, like the seaweed flour, can be difficult to obtain, but if you persist, you can get lucky. when I bought the flour for the first time, because the animal feeds dealer had to buy a 25 kilo sack, which no-one else wanted, I bought … Read more

Levamisole for Camallanus Intestinal Worms in Koi and Fish

Levamisole can be added to the diet at 0.1% of the amount and fed for 7 days for removal of nematodes.  So if you used one pound of food – you’d want 450mg to 500mg of Levamisole in that food. Or, ON IT – you can crush up Levamisole and put it ON a food … Read more

How To Care For a Brand New Fish Straight From The Pet Store or Pond Shop

This post concerns ‘How To Care For a Brand New Fish Straight From The Pet Store or Pond Shop’ and represents a simple, one page download that will ensure your success when you buy a new fish. How to take it home, what to do when you get there, how to prevent the introduction of … Read more

Waterchanges in Koi ponds, changing water in watergardens

Abstract: Changing water all the time, continuously, is easier than dump type water changes. It’s better for the fish because the water quality remains constant. Constantly good. Chlorine and Chloramine are not a problem because in any given hour, about 0.5% of the water will be “new”. Read on…. Water changes can be a total … Read more