Our “Big Box of QR Code Goodness” contains the following resources.

If Dr Johnson wanted you to scan THAT QR-code it was undoubtedly for one of the following resources:

Oxyfresh for breath and tartar

Self Cleaning Slicker Brushes

LIPOMAS (Fatty lumps which are common in dogs over 7 years old)

“Masses in General” which boils down to “It’s not malignant but if it grows, it GOES!”

AUTOFEEDERS for cat and dog weight loss. Sleeping in on Saturday without the cat pestering you for food and a half dozen other miraculous changes in your life.


Resources for “WTF DIARRHEA” also known as “Chronic Intermittent Diarrhea” short and long term concepts treatments and philosophies.




Vitamin C Primer







Oxyfresh for breath, an additive and a gel for dogs that kills germs and prevents tartar development. I also like it as an oral disinfectant that does not kill gut-microbes. |Oxyfresh I Audible| – |Oxyfresh Article + Video | – Buy Oxyfresh

: Hair brushes for Dogs and Cats. This is the “Self Cleaning Slicker Brush” I was recommending to you.

Information about Lipomas See Also:Lipomas Illustrated

RESOURCE 4: Dog and cat Lumps. What About That Lump. “Masses” This article steps you through the practical, realistic thought-process about “masses” and whether you should be spending $10,000 on a mass or tumor. Or what else you can consider. MASSES article.

RESOURCE 5: Autofeeders – I tried two kinds and they’re both awesome. The reduce or eliminate BEGGING, they reduce or eliminate Food-Gulping and Barfing, and they limit quantities making WEIGHT LOSS IN CATS (and dogs) easy as pie.

RESOURCE 6: Trainers, Specialist Referrals, Emergency Clinic Referrals  You’ll find quick links to all my favorite specialists, emergency clinics, trainers and boarding places.

RESOURCE 7: Chronic Intermittent Colitis or Diarrhea | Colitis


…can be controlled with bark collars of several kinds but the BEST are rechargeable and deliver a shock AFTER a series of warning beeps and vibrations. I don’t like the manual shockers really. I also don’t recmmend the “citrus spray” bark collars because the guy at PetSmart said they get ALL of them back when the nozzles dry out and gunk up. BARKING DOG RESOURCES

LEAKERS are dogs with two kinds of “deficient bladder control”

The dog with “urge incontinence” may suddenly posture and pee as if it forgot it’s housebreaking. Whats ACTUALLY happening is that the “time distance” between “I have to pee” and the urine emerging from the bladder is very short to no-time-at–all. Senior citizens can related usually.

The dog who leaks where they sleep. The dog hops down from the sofa or bed and there’s a puddle / wet spot on the bed. They don’t even know they did it. They think YOU did it.

Both categories of dog can benefit from “phenylpropanolamine” which is safe, often it’s completely effective, and it’s not even that expensive.


is a “herbal” concoction that can reduce atopic symptoms manifesting in the eyes of dogs and cats, and it also soothes and protects an angry cornea. It’s not a treatment for “full on” bacterial conjunctivitis but it’s good in a pinch. SIMILASAN DEETS


I recommend Ascorbate, Vitamin C whenever I need a little extra “oomph” in the immune system, to speed healing especially when fibrin deposition is part of that healing, joint and other collagen lesions, and even calcium deposition. VITAMIN C RESOURCES

YUNAN BAIYAO –  Three things right off the bat: They don’t know how it works. They know it works. Dogs with disorders or diseases with clotting, platelet issues, red cell loss or lysis, or bleeding from the surface of tumors, vascular tumors like hemangioma, hemangiosarcoma, seem to respond better and longer to treatment and support. Even if only  palliative. There’s a lot in this web site about Yunan Baiyao. You can spell it four or five different ways and nobody can correct you because nobody actually knows.

Article about Yunnan Baiyao

Dosing Yunan Baiyao in dogs

GENTLE LEADERS: (See and Get A Gentle Leader Here) This is a “collar” with a twist. It doesn’t use prongs. It has a loop of “leash” that goes over the bridge of the nose that does absolutely NOTHING.    -UNTIL- The dog starts to pull on it’s lead and then as they pull away on the lead it tightens the loop over their nose. THAT DOES NOT CONSTRICT the nose. It simply lowers their head and pulls their head off to the side. They stop pulling 90% of the time. Some dogs will STILL run at their target even with their head pulled down and to the side.

URSODIOL  ( Urso Resources Start HERE )

Dosing Ursodiol in canines is here. When starting out I prefer twice a day dosing. Soft stools sometimes result but never “full on mud butt”.

CETAPHIL Wipes are really good for cleaning up most lacerations and wounds. Obviously not full-thickness (deep) lacerations which should be seen by a vet promptly! But when it’s time to remove a layer of yesterday’s medicine, or clear out some skunch in an ear, or wipe down a sensitive spot near the boyparts or girlparts, Cetaphil Wipes are a favorite of mine to recommend.

ANTHISTAMINE THERAPY – Well overall my favorite antihistamine for dogs is Allegra ER 180 milligram, Generic. It’s available over the counter. I aslo recommend kind of a lot of Benadryl but not to make dogs sleepy. And, Benadryl has a weakness in the very short time it stays in the dog’s body. Like 6 to 8 hours tops. SO let’s look at Fexofenedine. I like it and that’s why you were sent to this QR code.

Dosing is right here: Fexofenedine dosing in dogs, weight chart with three dosing ranges.

PHYCOX and HIPS IN DOGS  ( Link to “Why is Phycox so Great For Dog Hips? )


Author: Dr. Erik Johnson
Dr. Erik Johnson is the author of several texts on companion animal and fish health. Johnson Veterinary Services has been operating in Marietta, GA since 1996. Dr Johnson graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. Dr Johnson has lived in Marietta Georgia since 1976.