Bark Collars I Like and Use

What you want in a “good” bark collar Bark Collars Seem Barbaric (So is dropping a dog off at the pound because your apartment is evicting you, or surgically ‘debarking’ a dog) Every year, there are improvements in the bark collars for dogs. Recently, PetSafe lost their monopoly on their stupid ‘proprietary’ ecological catastrophe “battery” … Read more

Wireless Dog and Cat – Invisible Fence Without the Wire

My brother bought an invisible fence which required that he bury a wire around the perimeter of his property. He even had to cut a groove in his driveway. Worse than the installation, he bought a mid-range product and ended up having to upgrade to something stronger. Fortunately, Home Depot was very accommodating and allowed … Read more

When Picking a Rescue Dog, Please Note

When Picking a Rescue Dog, Please Note Without a doubt the first thing you have to do, is add 15 to your current age. Take that number and put it at the end of the following sentence: “I am prepared to accommodate the needs both emotional and physical of this dog until I am ___________ … Read more

How (Not) To Adopt A Rescue Dog

“I’m going to go see a dog today that I am thinking about adopting. It’s a rescue, is there anything I should be looking for?“ Without a doubt the first thing you have to do, is add 15 to your current age. Take that number and put it at the end of the following sentence: … Read more

What To Do If Your Dog Is Terrible On A Leash

Your biggest liability is that he pops off the leash and ends up in traffic. I would say by itself, that is a good reason to reign in this behavior. First order of business is to get a gentle leader. That will solve nine out of 10 of the problems. However, there are dogs who … Read more

Get a Training Whistle! I Think It’s Important. Here’s Why

Two reasons I think everyone should have a training whistle First let me talk about training whistles, there are three kinds, The first kind has moving parts that allow you to make the noise higher or lower, it’s kind of complicated and bulky and unnecessary. They are made of metal and the two I bought … Read more

CBD Cannabidiol Success With Dog and Leash Aggression

“OK so [My Fur Baby] has been on CBD for 3 weeks now. I think we can call this experiment a success! It has taken the edge off for sure. I can walk her in the neighborhood without any strong signs of leash aggression. She has completely stopped barking and freaking out over human neighbors. … Read more

How To Avoid Creating Separation Anxiety in Puppies

Ultra-Simplified, to avoid Separation anxiety in adult dogs, provide them with separation when they’re babies. Put them aside even when you’re home, while they’re young for a couple hours at a time and “let ’em deal with it” because they can. This video deals with this and MUCH more.  


Barking Dogs Can Be Controlled Quickly – Don’t Keep Suffering With That I’ve had two dogs in all my 25 years of dog-owning that needed a shock collar, but MAN when they need one, they NEED one. I’m not talking about the usual dog that barks alot but stops when you TELL IT TO. Or … Read more

How To Raise a Pretty Good Puppy

How To Raise a Pretty Good Puppy Well, how to raise a REALLY good puppy. I learned a mess of stuff about caring for puppies over the years, because I saw what people did right and did wrong, and so I made this two page document. I think what’s happening these days is that people … Read more