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Here’s a fascinating fact:  While is held out there as a UK based business, the principal of the business (owner) lives in Turkey!

Firas Firaji:     Kazim Karabekir Cd. No:4, Ap. 5/2, 34188 Bahcelievler/Istanbul, Turkey

And his server, the one serving is just colocated in the UK, at the same exact location as which is a hosting company. This leads me to believe that Mr. Firaji’s business is nothing but a dedicated server, with everyone who subscribes on it.

In truth it’s a brilliant business model, making it appear you’re in the UK which is a highly trusted place, versus some sweaty elementary school classroom in Turkey. It’s funny though, my website was just hacked by someone in Turkey (October 1, 2020) . What are the odds of that?  Better still to make it look like’s servers are actually OWNED by the company when it’s actually just a server colocated with a hosting company, parent like 1&1 / Ionos.

What else makes me think that Eurobia’s servers are just colocated? Oh, just that the “About Us” over at is cut and pasted from the 1&1 Internet hosting provider, now Ionos. So when you’re bragging about your company’s green initiative and all the servers and their hardware and it’s cut and pasted from your parent company, it’s kind of a giveaway.

Here’s the “About Us” from (Click)  He actually failed to “find and replace” the words 1&1 with “” if you read closely. But you can also search any phrase from his “About Us” and it will reveal that it’s just Ionos 1&1Internet’s About Us details.

Discovery House
154 Southgate Street
United Kingdom is also colocated there.
Eurobia’s owner lives in Turkey not the UK. The server is just colocated in the UK.
This is the owner of not living or based in the UK at all. residence
Imagine if your lifetime hosting just ‘stopped’ and you had to recover something from the owner of the company. Will you be flying to Turkey?

“My God why do you have such an axe to grind with”

Answer: In a nutshell, but exhaustively detailed below:

I bought a lifetime hosting account from For seven days (the free customer support period) I could get NO help moving onto the server. I could tell the service was shite and asked for a refund. The owner said “We don’t have refunds” to which I sent him a copy of his own ‘refund’ page. He reported my site as ‘selling illegal drugs’ and canceled my account without a refund. I took it up with Paypal and they allowed the refund. But it was corrupt that he took my money, gave completely subpar service, lied about his policies, accused me of selling illegal drugs and attempted to keep my funds without providing service. Then, I knew he was not an honorable person.  And frankly, from Turkey, there’s really nothing you can do with someone like that. If I had not paid via Paypal, I would have lost my funds. People should know.

Nature of the Dispute:

Firas Firaji at said they “don’t have a refund policy”. But they DO have one. I printed it out. They’re not giving me a refund. They should. I want my money back and it’s well within the time specified. Proof of all I say to follow: has an unacceptably long, 7+ day ticket-response time. They defend this as ‘normal’*. I can’t have my domains down for 7 days for simple stuff. I asked for a refund WELL WITHIN the 60 day policy. They declined that they even HAVE a refund policy and are fighting it.

buyer beware

Update: When I escalated my claim to Paypal, it wasn’t even 3 hours later that ‘suspended’ my hosting account for “Spam Activities and Selling Illegal Drugs”.  Are they children over there? From what I understand, that’s a common way they generate income, suspending accounts and charging customers $20 to un-suspend the accounts.  (From Trustpilot: “First of all most of these good reviews are fake. They suspend your website every 3 months asking for $20 to unsuspend it. They are a total scam, i would not recommend.)”
*Normal? From : “Hello ERIK, For over 10 years we are proving web hosting, sometimes we slow to answer our clients due to many questions but we never left our clients without help.”

I am asking to refund me per their website.

Proof that I am within 60 days:

Payment sent to
January 24, 2020 at 11:56:30 AM PST
Transaction ID: 3PX08631UK550681N
Payment Status: COMPLETED
Gross amount
-$79.99 USD

Payment sent to
January 31, 2020 at 2:27:11 PM PSTTransaction ID: 55T56046AN9862158
Payment Status: COMPLETED
Gross amount
-$199.99 USD

I found their service SEVERELY lacking (See screenshot of my unresponded tickets for 7+ days) and asked for a refund.
They said “We have no refund policy” (See screenshot of their response about not having a refund policy.)

I replied to that they DO have a refund policy. It’s on the following page.

From this page:

Let’s say they change or remove the page, I’m prepared, I printed it:

(See PDF Printout of the refund policy)

(See image of the Money Back Guarantee)

Here’s the Money Back Guarantee, word-for-word:

If an account with a sixty (60) day money-back guarantee is purchased and cancelled within sixty (60) days of sign up, the Customer will, upon request, receive a full refund of all hosting fees. Requests for these refunds should be made through our Billing Team. Refunds made for a sixty (60) day money-back guarantee will not include domain registration fees, setup fees, or any fees for additional services that are purchased in the first sixty (60) days. Money-back guarantee is only applicable to those products and services that are specified with this offer. Any other products or services with no specification of money-back guarantee are not entitled to a refund. Under the money-back guarantee, only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund. For example, if you’ve had an account with us before, cancelled and signed up again, you will not be eligible for a refund. This is to protect our money-back guarantee from being abused. Eurobia reserves the right to determine the definition of first-time account. Violations of the Terms of Service will waive the refund policy.

These people are not honorable.

Look at these cut-and-paste fake reviews from the home page!!!*
They might as well say “Our employees and salespeople love ourselves!”

Note:   They didn’t even substitute “ ” for “company name” in the reviews. Who wrote these things? LOL

“I’ve been a customer with company name for over 5 years, they never fail to disappoint me and the service has been top notch since I ordered my first web hosting account with company name.”
George (Screenshot of no website, fake)

“My experience with eurobia lifetime Payment Hosting has been nothing short of amazing. The level of support provided with my web hosting account has been fantastic. I will recommend company name to all of my friends.”
Nathan <= He’s an employee, AND OWNER legit!!! (See his name on support ticket lying about refund policy)

“Eurobia lifetime Payment Hosting is the most reliable company I have come across for web hosting services. If you”re looking for a web hosting account look no further than company name! Sign-up today to see why!”
Bill <= He’s a Eurobia associate ALSO!!! (See screenshot)

* has since gone to exclusively video testimonials. It’s hard to ‘cut and paste’ pure bullshit when it’s in video format.

More details:

I signed up for on January 24, 2020 – and started to move my domains onto that server, and as often happens I ran into problems, but I could not get a support ticket answered for seven, and then 10 days. (Interestingly, customer support is free for the first seven days on their servers) and then it is on an a la carte basis. Price of support is not specified and I did not know that, but it doesn’t matter. Seven days is a long time to have your domain down because of support issues and a failure to respond to tickets. fiercely defended their right to have a 7 to 10 day lag on support tickets. Not acceptable.

I depopulated my server, got screenshots of the unanswered tickets, and escalated the issue with PayPal. I did not make an actual claim because I was hopeful that we might be able to work it out.

Seven days is a long time to have your domain down because of support issues and a failure to respond to tickets.

I went back to the website did some research on the terms of service and also their refund policy and realized I had 60 days to request a refund for this. I went to customer service and asked for a refund. The response was “we don’t have a refund policy“

So I cut and pasted the refund policy off their TOS page, took a screenshot of the page and printed it and sent that to the technician who did not know they had a refund policy and then escalated it to a claim with PayPal. Nuts to it if they’re going to be so….


So really, it’s just an issue of getting a legit refund per refund policy that they declined that they even had. Hopefully PayPal will see the sliminess of this company and refund me at ’s expense.

And the take-home lesson for those of you who’ve read this far, is that “lifetime hosting“ is in fact too good to be true. Read the fine print, and stay away from , they will definitely capitalize on every possible lie and trick. And as you can see below, I’m not just saying that. Here’s the proof!

What a scam.

buyer beware – Invoice #1636_shows_collections_but_not_refundedpdf

Receipt for Your Payment to eurobia – – Gmail deceit by

Terms Of Service – Lifetime Hosting One Payment and Host forever

And here’s the refund policy that Firas Faraji denied they have:

lifetime hosting


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