Come on, it’s just a dog.

Come on, it’s just a dog? Reading the last page and closing the cover on the story of a dogs life hurts so much because we read these stories without holding back, and we try never to let ourselves consider that there is a last chapter, that the book will end and there is no … Read more

Veterinary Medicine 2029

Veterinary Medicine of the Future: 2029 In 2029 veterinary medicine will be very different than it is today. In some ways it will be better. In some ways it will be much worse. The “general practitioner” will be gone, so services will be concierge or a la carte from several sources as the market gets … Read more

I’m Angry

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is GREAT for homeless pets. (Click) That’s not what makes me angry. Hill’s Pet Nutrition saves more animals, FEEDS more homeless animals, DOES MORE for homeless animals than the ASPCA, the fund raising organization that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SPCA and earned a C-rating with What you should know … Read more

Any Allergy Dermatology Case Fixed First Try

I am endorsing this protocol for folks that want immediate results and ultimately, fewer trips to the vet. Any Allergy Dermatology Case Fixed First Try It’s a shotgun approach I am seeing engaged by Veterinary Dermatologists in the Atlanta area, followed up with an injection of Cytopoint. In some cases it’s as simple as a … Read more

Why I Have Never Lost a Patient Under Anesthesia

There are only two reasons why I have never lost a patient under anesthetia, and neither of those reasons has anything to do with me being amazing. Anybody could do it. Why I have never lost a patient under anesthesia. First, I’m smart enough to know which patients are actually likely to have a problem … Read more

Why Some Doctors Just “Aren’t Feeling It”

Why some doctors are the way they are Hopefully we all know doctors who followed their bliss and are working with medicine patients and surgery, living the dream. I don’t think that is the majority. I am sure that there are 50 reasons why someone would end up being a doctor of some kind. But … Read more

Euthanasia at Johnson Vet Services

Here, putting a dog down is done as peacefully as possible. You can be with them for all of it. Everything’s done in the exam room. Anyone you want can be there in your family, friends. When you’re ready, I give a shot of Morphine. The dog might wince for a second. Then you give … Read more

Three Foolproof Skin Strategies for Itchy Dogs

Three Foolproof Skin Strategies for Itchy Dogs include antibiotics and a scorched-earth policy using shampoo that eliminates fungus and bacteria. Followed by Cytopoint. Alternatives include steroids and antibiotics, or even taking your pet to a dermatologist. (In Cobb County half of them don’t require referrals anymore.) Here’s how these three things can be ‘sure fire’ … Read more