Meet Marietta Veterinarian Dr. Erik Johnson

This video is an attempt to help you ‘get a feel for’ veterinarian, Dr  Erik Johnson, his mannerisms, bearing, attitude, beliefs, style and philosophy. It’s unvarnished and informal. Anyone can get a snazzy script written and studio production with great music.

Meet veterinarian Dr. Erik Johnson

This is just an unscripted video shot in the car on an iPhone VI, not even an iPhone X. Audio is via an MPOW5 headset. Wow. But by the end of the video, you’ll have a pretty good idea where this veterinarian’s head is.

Meet veterinarian Dr. Erik Johnson

I believe that experience is priceless and allows an owner and a pet to recover faster because experience brings effective treatment to bear faster than a lot of tests “just to make sure”.

I’m not cheaper than any other vet. I just don’t need as many tests, time and extras to arrive at a diagnosis or treatment. (I learned from the best) I don’t vaccinate for diseases the pet isn’t at risk for, and I don’t need an expensive Latin name for a terminal brain tumor once we know it’s there. I’m not in for thousands of dollars worth of last minute heroics at the animal’s life’s end, and above all, I believe that I should treat your pet just like I’d treat my own, after giving you all your options.

I’ve lived in Marietta, Ga since the fifth grade at East Valley Elementary. I went to Walton and graduated from UGA in 1991 with my doctorate. My favorite part of veterinary medicine is the trust people have in me as their family Vet, and making pets feel better fast.

I have attracted the best staff in Marietta. We don’t keep duds. From Heather to Patience, Rebecca to Sara, and Mark in between, I have amazing staff that makes me look amazing. A restaurant is only as good as the server makes it. So I thank my nursing and technical staff every day. They’re REALLY good.