Can a human get coronavirus from their dog?

Some of you probably have read that you can get coronavirus from your dog, there are retired pharmacists and retired Cardiologist and Retired human dentists who have made themselves experts in veterinary medicine since their retirement. I would never ever retire from veterinary medicine and then hold myself out as an expert on human cardiology. … Read more

Making Dechlorinator – Sodium thiosulfate

How should I make a good dechlorinating solution? I have read about some pretty high doses, like 250 grams in 500ml of water to make a stock solution. A: First, let’s tell our reader how to get dechlorinating granules, Sodium Thiosulfate: See below for link to find like, 5 pounds of sodium thiosulfate for overnight delivery. … Read more

What is “Flashing” in Koi or Pond Fish?

What is “Flashing” in Koi or Pond Fish? “Flashing” is basically just a fish that is “scratching” itself on the pond / tank bottom, or ornamentation. It USUALLY doesn’t mean anything, unless it’s “more and more common” or it’s happening at least hourly. There are lots of causes of flashing koi illuminated here (click). Just … Read more

What’s the Best Dog Probiotic on Amazon?

What’s the Best Dog Probiotic on Amazon? We’ve almost forever known that our gut contains germs. We learned a little more recently that many of the germs in our gut a “good” and necessary. In the recent past, science learned that we can implant / transplant beneficial germs to the gut. Very recently, we realized … Read more

The Difference Between Heartworm Treatments

The Difference Between Heartworm Treatments My friend is fostering a dog through a rescue and the dog is heartworm positive. I was wondering what is involved in slow kill treatment for dogs with heart worms? This rescue seems to be preferring the slow kill treatment while the foster is unsure of the slow kill treatment. … Read more