Resources From Garden State Koi Wet Lab – Hosted at Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery

Resources From March 2020 Presentations at Garden State Koi Downloads The first download is the presentation for the hour on “Important Water Quality Issues” in which I do give some time to the nitrogen cycle and pH – – but spend the most of the time talking about the clinical significance of “hazes” and their … Read more

What’s the Best Dog Probiotic on Amazon?

What’s the Best Dog Probiotic on Amazon? We’ve almost forever known that our gut contains germs. We learned a little more recently that many of the germs in our gut a “good” and necessary. In the recent past, science learned that we can implant / transplant beneficial germs to the gut. Very recently, we realized … Read more

Parasite Videos Under the Microscope

Parasite Videos Under the Microscope Dr Petty has uploaded a mess of parasite videos to a Youtube channel. Some of them are really very, very good. I’m linking from here because I just stumbled onto them, and it seems that very few people have found them. I suspect it’s because she didn’t put “All my … Read more

Top 10 Things

The Top Ten Things You Need To Know and Master For Success With a Koi Pond The Super Basics of Koi Figures out all the following: Inventories quality, informational resources for a deeper understanding But the most successful garden-variety hobbyist: Feeds decent food, redundantly supplies their pond electrical, supports lively water movement and intercepts temperature … Read more

Newsletter Dec 2019

Hi Folks, Just a Few Quick Highlights. I’m angry, that in order to have anything to say, vendors and organizations have to treat everything like an epidemic. I got a newsletter with the topic “Keeping Up With Pet Food Recalls” as if this was a “Big Thing” and we were in a hail storm of … Read more

What’s Wrong With My Koi Fish?

What Is In Each Video? Table of Contents: Twenty Koi Health Video Tutorial Handling Stress -Have the fish been handled recently? Why that matters. Winter Stress -Temperature. Is it winter? Summer? Why that matters Feeding or Underfeeding – Feeding and Underfeeding. Why that matters. Ammonia Toxicity -Ammonia and it’s super common, why it matters and … Read more