20 Videos: Koi & Fish Health Mastery

20 Videos To Fish and Koi Health Mastery

This is a tutorial that intrepid, but interested, fish hobbyists can go through. 20 videos that teach in very low tech, but conversational terms, about everything that is “Koi and fish health” from Ammonia to Zeolites.

Each video is a “module” and they are (individually) pretty short. You will need a pad and paper because these are “in person” narratives and I go fairly fast.

You are (perhaps) visiting this page because you have a sick fish or Koi, or a group of fish exhibiting signs of illness. Perhaps some koi have died. You might be surprised that the most common cause of fish illness is a low pH. And that’s true EVEN if you see white spots all over the Koi!

You might be surprised that the most common cause of fish and Koi illness is a low pH.

What you will learn in this twenty part tutorial is that Koi and tropicals STAY healthy unless something happens to the environment like chilling, a low pH, overcrowding, overfeeding. And those are just FOUR of the videos that discuss these issues. It is IMPOSSIBLE to watch all 20 FREE videos and not figure out what’s wrong with your fish or Koi. Just impossible. And yet, people still by pass the whole thing for a pill or a liquid to put in the water. Here’s a really sarcastic and salty (but effective) video on how to bypass “learning” and just ADD STUFF to save fish.

20 Videos To Fish and Koi Health Mastery
If you want to skip the learning, and just add medicine – See this module

Click below and take the time to view all 20 videos in order and I bet within the first four videos you figure out what’s wrong.

  1. Handling Stress -Have the fish been handled recently? Why that matters.
  2. Winter Stress -Temperature. Is it winter? Summer? Why that matters
  3. Feeding or Underfeeding – Feeding and Underfeeding. Why that matters.
  4. Ammonia Toxicity -Ammonia and it’s super common, why it matters and what it looks like.
  5. Nitrite Poisoning -Nitrites and what THAT looks like, why it matters and what to do about it.
  6. Nitrate Poisoning  –NitrAtes –  especially common fish killer / weakener in established pond.
  7. pH Explained -pH is the most common deadly water quality parameter to check. Crash discussed.
  8. Oxygen Levels – Oxygen levels. Why it might sag, impact of heat and plants, what to do about it.
  9. CrowdingCrowding. How many is too many. What does that do to fish?
  10. Still and StaleWater movement and turnover. Common. Stale, still water. Fish weakener.
  11. MetabolismTemperature; it’s influence, it’s pitfalls, the ideals for fish recovery
  12. InjuriesCuts and bruises. Is that an ulcer, or a gash? How can you tell. When and if you treat.
  13. Cleanliness Cleanliness – Is the pond clean? Properly maintained? Can fish recover in unclean ponds?
  14. Germs & MicrobesBacterial infections – a usually unnecessary video because 90% of people have figured out the source of a disease is in their water quality and husbandry. Injections, treatments, etc all discussed.
  15. FungusFungal infections, you’d be surprised the cause, and the treatment (or lack thereof)
  16. Bugs & CrittersThe Parasites, this is pretty common. What you need to know about them, and their treatment.
  17. Viruses like KHVViral diseases, like Koi Herpes virus and some of the skin-viruses that cause warts.
  18. Video 18 –> No video 18 lol
  19. QuarantineQuarantine. If you did it, then the list gets shorter. If you didn’t do it, (and how to do it) the field remains very wide.
  20. Further ResourcesResources for more help, diagnostics, fish vets who still do it.

20 Videos To Fish and Koi Health Mastery

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Dr Erik Johnson is a Marietta, Georgia Veterinarian with a practice in small animal medicine. He graduated from University of Georgia with his Doctorate in 1991. Dr Johnson is the author of several texts on Koi and Pond Fish Health and Disease as well as numerous articles on dog and cat health topics.