What You Should Know About Epilepsy in Dogs

What You Should Know About Epilepsy in Dogs

There are like, 8 different anticonvulsants in dog medicine these days. And epilepsy is common.

My favorite medicines are usually mild and don’t include Phenobarbital.

However I’m not going to let the dog continue to have spells to avoid it, or to be ‘cool’ and use Keppra to ‘see if it works’ which has been very disappointing and I’ve seen a lot of expensive work ups to figure out why Keppra isn’t reigning in the seizures –  when it’s just not that good.

I like combinations of Gabapentin and diazepam, I like CBD on top of any of that, and I like some zonisamide. Of course I will use Phenobarbital if the above aren’t FAST to control the seizures but even THEN I try and back down the phenobarbital once control has been established.

This document is a thorough treatment for laypersons (among my clients) who want the basics of Epilepsy.