Canine Enteric Coronavirus

Canine Enteric Coronavirus
Canine Coronavirus is non-lethal. It’s 3-5 days of splattery diarrhea and it recurs every 4-7 months once they have the disease. It’s just messy.

At University of Georgia they had a handful of Coronavirus greyhounds. They were used for blood samples, studies. The Senior students on rotation were their obligated caretakers. You never wanted to be on their rotation when they were rockin’ their Coronaviral diarrhea.

Since young vets have rarely if ever seen it, (mainly because of vaccine and lack of testing) and MAINLY because it’s nonlethal, some young vets skip it and chalk chronic diarrhea up to other issues. Neal and then your dogs never missed it. It was for years mixed in the Distemper five-way until reformulation caused reaction problems. Also, younger vets choose to drop it sometimes making it necessary to split out.
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