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Pilling The Impossible Pet Dog or Cat

Pilling The Impossible Pet Dog or Cat

You will need:

  1. A Muzzle
  2. A Pill Crusher
  3. A bulb syringe (Kids Nose Snot Sucker)

A LOT of the time, you have to give a medicine to a dog or cat that won’t eat.
Worse, there are dogs who have no problem at all with biting their owners. (My dog would sooner die)

When you get a dog that won’t eat a pill, in a treat or piece of cheese or bread, you need to push the pill down their throat, or make it into a ‘drink’. And syringe that into the dog. Continue reading Pilling The Impossible Pet Dog or Cat

Kidney Failure in Young(“ish”) Cats

Kidney Failure in Young(“ish”) Cats

See also:  Kidney Results

When you get blood work back on a pet (Cat), it’s about nine years old and it shows kidney failure it’s not always clear what’s going on. There’s another test or two that you’d run on a dog and there are some tests you could run on a cat. Actually, there are ways to spend thousands. Or, treat the treatable? Give this a listen.

The above does not constitute advice or replace the necessary input of your regular veterinarian within the confines of a VCPR. The above is as much a ‘document’ for the benefit of a particular client I sent to this, as it is to others who may face the same situation.

Diabetes III Insulin for a Fractious Pet

Diabetes III Insulin for a Fractious Pet

A mask may be necessary. Racing muzzles are pretty easy to put on. There are lots of kinds of masks.

Some people are like “Nuts to this, I know she has a right to complain but I’m not getting bitten over this” and let their dogs go. Depending on the ‘battle’ it is, I could be aligned to that thought process.

But…. Continue reading Diabetes III Insulin for a Fractious Pet


A duplicate of the other Claro article for clients who type in

Claro One Time Ear Treatment for Canine Otitis Externa

Outer ear infections can be treated with a one-time application of a medicine called “Claro” which contains three medications to combat fungi, bacteria and inflammation. The owner doesn’t have to apply anything, and in fact, should avoid getting anything in the ear which might dissolve or remove the Claro treatment Continue reading Claro

Old Dog Tremors – Is it Normal For My Dog’s Leg To Tremor?

Old Dog Tremors – Is it Normal For My Dog’s Leg To Tremor?

Commonly we will see one or two limbs on a dog that simply tremor.
Key elements of a “Don’t Worry About It” response are:
1) Pet seems unaware
2) Happens upon some excitement
3) Pet acts perfectly normal in every other respect
4) It’s not constant at all. Maybe daily.

So, if (in the video) there was thunder, or if the dog was looking around terrified, then you know the tremor is “a thing”.

If the dog is just resting and looking at the TV then it’s ‘nothing’.

(Video formats correctly when played.)



Resources From Garden State Koi Wet Lab – Hosted at Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery

Resources From March 2020 Presentations at Garden State Koi


The first download is the presentation for the hour on “Important Water Quality Issues” in which I do give some time to the nitrogen cycle and pH – – but spend the most of the time talking about the clinical significance of “hazes” and their cure, oxygen versus carbon dioxide, bioseeding, constant water replacement, how to measure nitrogen to best effect, crowding as a water quality parameter with room for questions.

The second and third download, below, are the wet lab, they’re in full color and are also available in an online-readable e-book also in full color.

  1. Wetlab_2020 PDF
  2. Second Wetlab Download.PDF (The one I lectured from)


Online E-Books

Read them online:


class wet lab blueridgekoi

class wet lab blueridgekoi