Step by Step How To Use A Microscope

Step by Step How To Use A Microscope

This tutorial is set up in twenty pieces. The microscope we use is introduced and then the parts and functions are discussed with credit to the fact that many people will be using other brands. Many lessons are audio tracks, but where VISUAL support is needed, there will be a video to see.

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20 MICROSCOPY – Miscellany

20) MICROSCOPY – Miscellany I Forgot To Put Elsewhere <BACK | The following is a long boring 5 minute video of me collecting video of a fluke to show how “in depth” and with what detail the Celestron can capture video. You will see the video of me, looking and then  below that there’ll be … Read more

15 MICROSCOPY – Flukes

15) MICROSCOPY – The Flukes <BACK | NEXT> There are gill and body flukes. Flukes that lay eggs and flukes that have live young. Flukes that have eye spots and flukes that do not. One fluke type is Gyrodactylus, and the other is Dactylogyrus. Clear as mud? “STRETCHY WORMS”.  


14) MICROSCOPY – The Bugs <BACK | NEXT> The Bugs Flukes – Home Video – Youtube Video – Text Page Costia– Home Video – Youtube Video – Text Page Chilodonella– Home Video – Youtube Video – Text Page Trichodina– Home Video – Youtube Video – Text Page Ich– Home Video – Youtube Video – Text … Read more

13 MICROSCOPY – Intestines

13) MICROSCOPY – Worms and Intestines <BACK | NEXT> This is a terminal event for the subject fish, but you can remove a piece of intestine and express the contents onto a slide, apply a drop of water (not as big as they do in this video LOL) but a drop of water on a … Read more

11 MICROSCOPY – Gill Biopsy

11) MICROSCOPY – Gill Biopsy <BACK | NEXT> This is just a really good microscope. So I collect a biopsy from the gills of a Sarassa Comet. My hand is in the way on one. The gills are pale in this box of fish, they are infested with flukes. The wholesaler complains that these flukes … Read more