Bigger Batch Issues w/ Medicated Food

Making a big batch is a little bit more difficult because mixing the confectioners glaze/medicine mix have to be done evenly so it really kind of takes two people. One person to drizzle and one person to stir.

*Note: this document is intended to convey “how I do it“ and has nothing to do with recommendations, prescriptions, or instructions to you. If you think so, you are mistaken.

This batch called for roughly 700 mg of medicine per pound of food based on a 3% feeding rate and I put in 1500 total. It’s 2 pounds of food. If I had it to do over again, I would have made this with 2000 mg to account for some of the loss of medication during the crushing process.

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Freeze Dried Krill: Four Things To Know

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“My Dog Won’t Eat.” A Book on Appetite Science

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Feeding Goldfish Properly

Feeding Goldfish Made Simple Feeding Goldfish is not as easy as some people might think but we can make it simpler. For decades, they have been classified by some folks as ‘herbivores’. Therefore, their foods have been made with low protein levels and bland carbohydrate sources. I have not enjoyed very good success with these … Read more

Bil Wight’s Paste Food for Koi and Pond Fish 

Bil Wight’s Paste Food for Koi and Pond Fish Some ingredients, like the seaweed flour, can be difficult to obtain, but if you persist, you can get lucky. when I bought the flour for the first time, because the animal feeds dealer had to buy a 25 kilo sack, which no-one else wanted, I bought … Read more

“Koi Health & Disease” Reload by Dr Erik Johnson

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Koi Cannibalism: Will Koi Eat Smaller Koi and Goldfish?

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Earthworms as food for fish – where to get them – how to feed

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