For Discus, Metronidazole Injectable

Intestinal parasites in Discus are vulnerable to several methods of clearance, not the least of which is Praziquantel.

Still, that’s not the only organism known to infect the gut of a Discus, with Hexamita and Spironucleus contributing to a lot of mortality in Discus every year.

So the question is concerning the route of administration of Metronidazole and whether it can be injected in case the fish aren’t eating.

For Discus, Metronidazole Injectable

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I keep discus every one goes on about metronidazole tablets for intestinal paracites, can this be administered via intramuscular injection if they are not taking well to feed or baths? If so what is the dosage per kg please


Metronidazole injectable is VERY hard to get and only comes in an IV administration set: (metronidazole_injection_infusion_500mg_per_100ml) at the present time. It’s very expensive. I remember the days when you could get a bottle of metronidazole injection pretty easily and yes, it was safe for administration in the muscle, OR the peritoneum of fish.

For dosing, you would need an accurate weight on the fish, which can be done with a gram scale, and the fish, in a weighed amount of water. You would convert the fishes’ weight into “pounds” and dose at 10mg per pound. Yipes!

You’d be talking about micrograms.

Instead, as a dewormer AND hexamita slayer, baths in API “General Cure” would be effective. That product contains BOTH Metronidazole (for Hex) and Praziquantel (for the other worms)

For Discus, Metronidazole Injectable

Use General Cure from API instead.

For Discus, Metronidazole Injectable

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