The Definitive “Arthritis in Dogs” E-Book Free

“Arthritis in dogs” is a free online e-Book, bringing home the most important points I make with my clients as I counsel on mobility issues in older aging dogs.

The absolute most important issue in the management of mobility issues associated with aging and arthritis is the WEIGHT of the dog. I see dogs all the time that are at 70% carrying capacity under 130-150% load.

Fat dogs on crappy joints. 

I also know of a practice (corporate of course) that in the interest of dragging these cases out and milking as much out of them as possible, NEITHER assigns a Body Condition Score, records “obese” status nor counsels on weight management in their mobility / arthritis cases. The ONLY reason for which that could be is: stupidity or profit. And those folks down there are NOT stupid. Nobody at Mars Animal Health is stupid.

Truly, though, there is a lot in this document that can help a dog with a traumatic joint injury as well because the “arthritis triad” is explained and detailed.


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