Chronic “on and off” Diarrhea in Small Doggos

For some small breeds like Yorkies, Morkies, Maltese, Shorkies, etc there’s a recurring cycle of:

Diarrhea to Colitis to HGE (Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis)

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AMAZING: FOS Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides Chicory Root Soluble Fiber

What is FOS and Why Should I Care? FOS stands for “Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides” and it’s pure “inulin”  – (not insulin lol) Inulin is the ‘active ingredient” in all the cholesterol-lowering-good-gut-germ-growing-probiotics in the plant kingdom. Black beans, canned pumpkin, sweet potato, etc. It turns out, to maintain a decent quality poop for most indoor dogs, “FOS” is … Read more

Be extra nice to your gastrointestinal germs

It turns out your gastrointestinal germs have many more functions then they ever knew. Shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering we have lived with these beneficial germs for literally millions of years. Handed down from generation to generation, even. Well, one of the metabolic processes driven by the germs in your intestine, happens to be … Read more

Pancreatitis Case Communication

When bloodwork reveals pancreatitis. That’s serious inflammation (sometimes even infection) of the dog or cat’s pancreas. It can be life threatening if it drags on or becomes chronic. The pancreas can lose enough integrity to result in diabetes and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. If the inflammation is serious enough, the belly may even suffer peritonitis. In … Read more

Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD in Cats & Dogs

Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( IBD ) – Feline This is in my Vet Notes section as more of a library entry Inflammatory Bowel Disease is common, and I think more common in cats than dogs tbh. Recommendations: Metronidazole, steroids, fiber diet, B12, and probiotics. Inflammatory Bowel Disease _Feline_ Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Medical … Read more

How and When to Induce Vomiting: Hydrogen Peroxide for Poisoning

Sometimes the dog will eat something it shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s not a poisoning, it’s annoying, like a cake, or a pile of chicken skin and you know it’s going to cause diarrhea, BAD. Other times it’s medicine or some other toxic molecule or poisoning substance. How and When to Induce Vomiting: Use Hydrogen Peroxide for … Read more

Probiotic Yogurt and Antibiotics

Why I recommend probiotic Yogurt for any dog or cat that I put on antibiotics. How yogurt cultures work, which yogurt is best and why. I did a video that talks about antibiotics and some of their liabilities, as well as how to use Yogurt probiotic to prevent some of those problems. Did you know … Read more

Please Give Yogurt Whenever You Give An Antibiotic

Give Yogurt Whenever You Give An Antibiotic In this audio recording, I would like to advise all of my clients who are instructed to give antibiotics to themselves or their pets to administer yogurt hopefully loaded with probiotics (beneficial bacteria) with each dose of the antibiotic and as indicated by the doctor. There are certain … Read more

How To Unfeed and Then Feed a Dog With Diarrhea

Here’s how you’d feed, then wean-back,  a diarrhea-dog: Download This Nice Printable Version Phase A: First 12 – 24 hours:   Water, Ice-licks*, Broth, (fat free) and plain, canned Pumpkin 1/4c. per 15 pounds twice a day and some hard cheese. Phase B: 24-48 hours: White rice or white bread and Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup or … Read more

Pumpkin For Diarrhea in Dogs and Cats

How Does Pumpkin Treat Diarrhea AND Constipation in Dogs and Cats? Ehhhhhhhhh, so maybe the cats won’t take Pumpkin but dogs almost always will, as long as they’ll take ANYTHING. (Means that if your dog isn’t eating, he sure won’t eat Pumpkin.) When soluble fiber hits the large intestine, the colon says “Oh! You feel … Read more