My Dog’s Cough – PND Hack n Gag

This dog  typifies the “PND Hack n Gack” which is akin to COPD, which is kind of like airway Atopy, all of which are oversimplifications of airway inflammation. Document on PND Hack n Gack download or read online: (PDF Click) There are lots of contributors to a bronchitic / inflammatory airway disorder, for example, genetics, … Read more

Hydrolyzed Protein Diets For Food Allergy?

What do you think about the limited ingredient foods such as kangaroo food for food allergy? Or do you think we should stick to the Rachael Ray food? ANSWER: That is an excellent question You can feed a food that has brand new proteins the dog has never seen, and of course they will have … Read more

What kinds of allergy are curbed by what kinds of antihistamines?

It turns out that certain kinds of allergy aren’t helped by antihistamines at all! And it also turns out that every dog has a “favorite” antihistamine. Some dogs respond far better to Benadryl then they do to hydroxyzine and vice versa. Worse, there’s no way to tell. The full skinny on anti-histamine therapy for atopy … Read more

How Amazing is Cytopoint?

So, for a good part of 2018 and all the way through 2019 I have been recommending a move from steroids over to an injection that creates immunity to the enzymes that caused itching. Cytopoint. We’ve been very successful with this. At this point we even have protocols to recover the skin from various diseases … Read more

Cytopoint Cases and Updates

Cytopoint Cases and Updates Cytopoint Cases and Updates “Just an update that Benji is doing 99% better after getting the Cytopoint shot on Tuesday morning.   He is feeling better and sleeping good.   He occasionally has an itch but nothing like what he was doing before the shot.   I also “scrubbed” his back with the hot … Read more

Three Foolproof Skin Strategies for Itchy Dogs

Three Foolproof Skin Strategies for Itchy Dogs include antibiotics and a scorched-earth policy using shampoo that eliminates fungus and bacteria. Followed by Cytopoint. Alternatives include steroids and antibiotics, or even taking your pet to a dermatologist. (In Cobb County half of them don’t require referrals anymore.) Here’s how these three things can be ‘sure fire’ … Read more

Any Skin Case Can Be Fixed

It’s important that you know I’m not being sarcastic when I say I can fix (almost) any skin case. I’m being serious; but I’m also discounting the fact that some of what I am saying may come at the expense of the pet, or at the expense of your wallet. Specifically, I’m talking about giving … Read more

Can Cats Catch Lyme’s Disease?

Theoretically, yes. In a laboratory? That’s the only place actual Lyme’s disease has been documented in felines. I’m not the expert on Lyme’s in cats. I was asked by a customer and I stammered. So I decided to look it up and Cornell has an EXCELLENT cat unit and they had my answer. lymes_disease_in_cats

The Two Ends of the Dermatology Spectrum Which ALWAYS WORK.

The Two Ends of the Dermatology Spectrum Which ALWAYS WORK. Roid-abiotics: At the most basic level, almost all skin cases can be managed by Steroids and Antibiotics. There are very few cases that wouldn’t stop itching and heal’ on Prednisone (or a Prednisone shot called Depo Medrol) and some antibiotics. That’s how we did it … Read more

I Can Cure Almost ANY Skin Condition Like a Referral Dermatologist

It’s not that hard. Simply treat *literally* every skin disease known to dog-dom. Referral dermatology in canines and felines with atopic / allergic skin conditions yields good results but at what cost and using what technologies? All of them? A typical dermatology referral: The itchy dog with chronic red, itchy flakey skin goes to the … Read more

Atopy Is The Cause of 99% of Foot Licking in Dogs. Article II of III

Atopy Download This Article The most common skin condition in dogs at least in Cobb County is a condition called atopy. This is manifested by any of the following symptoms: Itchy Pink flaky skin Almost always a huge component of foot licking Sneezing, snicking Airway issues Pink even red years Dry or brittle coat But … Read more