Luxating patella

The luxating patella can be the result of stretching or breaking of one of the patellar collateral ligaments, meaning one of the four suspensory ligament that hold the patella or kneecap in place. If the kneecap tends to stay out of place a lot, it may actually fuse or adhere in that position which makes … Read more

What is Flooming, visually non-distracting surface agitation

  This is especially useful in tanks where you don’t want a column of bubbles, also useful in retail facilities when viewed from above because it does last to distort the view of fish for sale. This brings a column of water from the deeper strata, ensuring fresh water with lots of oxygen gets down … Read more

Removing glandular growths from the edges of the eyelid

Cysts on the edges of the eyelid can be snipped off, or they can be removed with something called a V plasty. The V plasty is an indelible removal method that is successful because it removes the root of the cyst. Snipping a cyst off, removes it, but growback is likely. However it does not … Read more