Zoetis Apoquel Package Insert – Download

Information on the Apoquel cancer ‘thing’ and not ‘hearsay’ Six dogs were euthanized because of suspected malignant neoplasms: including thoracic metastatic, abdominal metastatic, splenic, frontal sinus, and intracranial neoplasms, and transitional cell carcinoma. Folks want information on the Apoquel cancer ‘thing’ and not ‘hearsay’ so I thought you might like to read the actual package … Read more

Atopy And Air Quality

Why Dogs Itch Especially In Summer and Especially Their Feet? Atopy is an allergy AND irritation that occurs when air quality (and micropollution) are prevalently bad. You can learn more about your regional air quality from Scorecard.org which is listed in this article. In this document I describe what Atopy is, the six hallmark presentations … Read more


Post Nasal Drip Hack n Gag There’s a syndrome associated with smoggenpollen (Smoggenpollen = smog, pollen, heat and atmospheric nitrogen combining under pressure to create a ground level micro pollution high in combustion by products and other irritants including Nitric Oxide.) Which causes a dog to swallow a lot, have a noisy sinus, reverse sneezing … Read more