Any Allergy Dermatology Case Fixed First Try

I am endorsing this protocol for folks that want immediate results and ultimately, fewer trips to the vet. Any Allergy Dermatology Case Fixed First Try It’s a shotgun approach I am seeing engaged by Veterinary Dermatologists in the Atlanta area, followed up with an injection of Cytopoint. In some cases it’s as simple as a … Read more

How Amazing is Cytopoint?

So, for a good part of 2018 and all the way through 2019 I have been recommending a move from steroids over to an injection that creates immunity to the enzymes that caused itching. Cytopoint. We’ve been very successful with this. At this point we even have protocols to recover the skin from various diseases … Read more

CytoPoint Is Preferable to Apoquel for Dog Itching Skin Problems

Cytopoint is an injection that a vet can give your dog, which functions as a “vaccine” against one of the enzymes in the dog’s skin that allows ‘inflammation’ to get bad. The dog’s usually stop tearing themselves up within a day or two. This will NOT work in skin that is infected, or seborrheic. These … Read more