Table of Contents: Twenty Koi Health Video Tutorial

Figuring out your Koi and Fish Health Illness Problem In Twenty Easy Steps What Is In Each Video? Table of Contents: Twenty Koi Health Video Tutorial Handling Stress -Have the fish been handled recently? Why that matters. Winter Stress -Temperature. Is it winter? Summer? Why that matters Feeding or Underfeeding – Feeding and Underfeeding. Why … Read more

Ponddigger On Fish Health – Eric Triplett

Ponddigger On Fish Health – Eric Triplett An old buddy of mine named Eric Triplett is ‘The Ponddigger’ and he’s made a bunch of videos of interest to pond keepers. And subject matter? I think you’d need a year to see it all. Fortunately, Youtube has a search function (Click) ha ha ha ha! Anyhoo. … Read more

Cats Trap And Release Program in Cobb County

So if you see a mess of kittens running around, these folks could come trap them and (hopefully) find them homes. Sometimes, cats are too old, or too feral to be placed in a home, so what do you do, then? Cats Trap And Release Program in Cobb County Well Kudzu Cat Alliance can trap … Read more

Fish Veterinarian in California – Full Time Practice!

I found a vet in California who treats fish all day long! Not only that, she’s really smart and went to Tufts! Check out her web site, and information. This is a fish health veterinarian who is in practice in California you should be aware of. I can’t introduce the doctor(s) there any better than … Read more

Aquascape Pond Aerator 20 and 60 Review

Aquascape sent me an air pump for ponds. Actually they sent me two, one of them is the Aquascape Pro Air 20W and the other is the Aquascape Pro Air 60. Aquascape Pro Air 60 Pond Aerator They’ve got a three year warranty and they put a TON of air out, MUCH more quietly than … Read more

A word about invisible fences for dogs

A word about invisible fences for dogs There are two kinds of electric fence, the old kind that is a sensor wire buried around the perimeter of your yard, and the other newer model has a signal transmitted from the center point. The centerpoint ostensibly would be your house, and when your dog begins to … Read more

How Cold Laser, (K-Laser) Red Light Therapy Works

Many people have not heard about Cold Laser, or Laser Therapy, Red Light Therapy. It’s basically red. light. Want an audio explanation of how laser really works at the cellular level? (Click to listen) The “veterinary” version of laser is called “K-Laser” and I have no idea what the “K” stands for but the unit … Read more

The Cutest Little Hand Made Tags Ever

So I was at the office and Hobbs came in and he’s wearing a tag that says “Free Kisses” which was cute as a bucket of kittens. I asked where he’d gotten the thing, and he just breathed on my face. Mom told me about Fetchingtags and sent me their contact information. Presented here. … Read more