Table of Contents: Twenty Koi Health Video Tutorial

Figuring out your Koi and Fish Health Illness Problem In Twenty Easy Steps What Is In Each Video? Table of Contents: Twenty Koi Health Video Tutorial Handling Stress -Have the fish been handled recently? Why that matters. Winter Stress -Temperature. Is it winter? Summer? Why that matters Feeding or Underfeeding – Feeding and Underfeeding. Why … Read more

What Kind Of Fish Go In A Pond?

A Comet Goldfish. Extremely typical coloration. Goldfish Goldfish occur in numerous varieties, here are some of the most common and most desirable. Comets “Comet” goldfish are common, and rather plain in appearance. Generally, it is accepted that they are a plain orange goldfish with a short or a long tail, which is not doubled or … Read more

Heating Koi With KHV Koi Herpes Virus

When confronted by KHV, you can expect high mortalities. In other words, a realistic expectation would be that more than fifty percent of your fish are going to end up perishing. Should that scare you? No. It should “aware” you. If there’s something you can do to stop the losses, should you? Would you? The … Read more