What difference does temperature make

There’s just some highlights I thought I’d bring up regarding temperature and Koi. The way sometimes water temperatures impact treatments and Fish and their metabolism and even the filtration system. You could get some general ideas about health factors in your pond it when the water temperatures are in these ranges. Kind of, what the … Read more

Acclimating fish as they come in from shipping

When fish are shipped from place to place by air, they are packed in sick plastic bags with pure oxygen, usually an ice pack. By the time they arrive the water is in poor condition. With a lot of ammonia and a high carbon dioxide levels and a low pH. The fish have been retaining … Read more

What Kind Of Fish Go In A Pond?

A Comet Goldfish. Extremely typical coloration. Goldfish Goldfish occur in numerous varieties, here are some of the most common and most desirable. Comets “Comet” goldfish are common, and rather plain in appearance. Generally, it is accepted that they are a plain orange goldfish with a short or a long tail, which is not doubled or … Read more

Pond Use of Formalin for Koi Diseases

Formalin is a mixture of formaldehyde gas in water. It’s not an easy mix to stabilize and sometimes they use Methanol to make it more stable. Formalin and Formaldehyde are essentially the same things. Formalin, by definition, is Formaldehyde at a concentration of 37% in water. Pond Use of Formalin for Koi Diseases To use … Read more

Oil of Cloves for Koi and Fish Anesthesia

From Amazon, or a local shop, you can induce sleep in Koi and goldfish with Oil of Cloves for Koi and Fish Anesthesia to provide other forms of care. Oil of Cloves for Koi and Fish Anesthesia Equipment: Bucket Pondwater Oil of Cloves Dropper Ziploc baggie or small jar You should place the fish in … Read more

The Use of Salt in Aquariums and Ponds

I remember twenty years ago when I brought salt to a Koi pond and started to add it to the water, in order to clear a parasitism of Chilodonella. The owner stopped me and said “These are freshwater fish. What’re you doing?” In the very early nineties, the use of Salt on fish diseases was … Read more