“My Dog Won’t Eat.” A Book on Appetite Science

This is only in my Vets Notes and Libraries section because it’s pretty much veterinarian notes on appetite, appetite stimulation, rule outs for failing appetite and medications that may help. There’s a discussion of ‘recently’ discovered hormones Leptin and gRhelin that mitigate appetite in dogs and pretty much every other mammal. “My Dog Won’t Eat.” … Read more

Getting a Dog To Eat

Don't get your dog to eat. It'll eat.

Getting a Dog To Eat A normal dog will eat once a day, sometimes even once every 36 hours once it’s weight is “good” and when a dog curtails it’s eating, it’s natural to worry, and UNFORTUNATELY it’s a reflex to change foods to something to dog “likes” more. And eats. Then, it’s the tastebuds … Read more