The subject of fat in the chest of dogs

Quite often, it is difficult to explain how fat in the chest of the dog can cause problems with hypertension on the lung side. People do not realize that a dog can carry fat in between the lungs and around them. There is a layer of fat around the heart called the pericardial fat. Between … Read more

Intestines and colon compression in obese small breeds. Did you bring any water in

The colon and intestines are surrounded by what is called omental fat. When a dog gets really really fat, the abdomen is occupied by more fat than there is room for intestines. So the intestines may become compressed and their blood flow may be compromised. This can result in occasional diarrhea, even, frequent diarrhea. One … Read more

“My Dog Won’t Eat.” A Book on Appetite Science

This is only in my Vets Notes and Libraries section because it’s pretty much veterinarian notes on appetite, appetite stimulation, rule outs for failing appetite and medications that may help. There’s a discussion of ‘recently’ discovered hormones Leptin and gRhelin that mitigate appetite in dogs and pretty much every other mammal. “My Dog Won’t Eat.” … Read more