Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD in Cats & Dogs

Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( IBD ) – Feline This is in my Vet Notes section as more of a library entry Inflammatory Bowel Disease is common, and I think more common in cats than dogs tbh. Recommendations: Metronidazole, steroids, fiber diet, B12, and probiotics. Inflammatory Bowel Disease _Feline_ Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Medical … Read more

CASE, KOI: Severe Damage and Ulcer From Pump Intake

THE KOI WHO SURVIVED A PUMP Photos and Documentary by Bonnie E. Hale Lucky came in with a break in his tail. The first night here he was sucked to the pump. The next morning he was found to have a big red colored bulge on his side. The picture below was taken on August … Read more