Koi Herpes Virus KHV Cured or Treated?

Koi Herpes Virus KHV Cured or Treated This article is dedicated to my personal friends, Brenda and Charlie Atwell, whose pond contracted KHV and was essentially wiped out, after re-introducing some fish which were returned to them, after a breeding-loan. The koi hobby has been rocked by a fearsome virus which everyone seems to be … Read more

Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) Symptoms in Outbreak Dialogue

What if two smart people got together to clarify some points of public concern regarding Koi Herpes Virus? Well that’s what happened and we got a lot of information out there. Of course new information emerges all the time but here is what we knew back then. It’s an interesting read. KHV Dialogue – Dr. … Read more

Herpes Virus Infections in Fish

Herpes Virus Infections in Fish By Andrew Goodwin This is another excellent SRAC publication on Herpes Viruses in Fish. It’s written by Andrew Goodwin, the leading scientist on Herpes Viruses in Koi and other species. It’s about 8 pages long and I uploaded it in color. It’s mainly for my personal Vet Library but you … Read more