What Are The Perfect Conditions to Make or Keep Fish Healthy?

Perfect Aquarium, Hospital Tank, or Quarantine? Everything Perfect to Make or Keep Fish Healthy

There are a few essential criteria for improving fish health and if you’re not already “doing it thusly” perhaps it’s time. There are TONS of ways to “do it right” but the following is how I treat fish, and house my tropicals. Goldfish benefit from all the same. At my house, this isn’t just for hospital tanks. This is exactly how I keep my community tanks.

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PH Pills – Making them for support of PH – The pH Pill VIDEO VERSION PART I VIDEO VERSION PART II “pH Pills” Made with safe Plaster of Paris, (details provided) Support pH and Carbonate Alkalinity Against Crash – by supporting carbonates.  Well, it’s been interesting preparing the report on the “pH pill”. Some of … Read more

The sooner you get over to these type of aquarium heaters, the happier you will be

This 400W titanium heater knocked the bottom out of the titanium heater market arriving twenty dollars under the nearest competitor with twice the power and 5 star reviews. I use them everywhere in the office and at home. I have owned just about every kind of aquarium heater over the years from the ancient glass … Read more