Anti-Convulsant Therapy, From Phenobarb to Keppra and Then Some

Merck Manual is full of great information. But this page serves me well when checking out some of the newer anti-convulsant therapies. I’ve seen Bromism and will never give Potassium Bromide. I’ve had great luck with diazepam b.i.d dosing for siezures; and have used Gaba for a long time as well. But the new stuff … Read more

Epilepsy: Canine: Anticonvulsant Therapy

Epilepsy in dogs Escaping dogs Dogs on Diazepam, Phenobarbital, KBr and Prednisolone Clorazepate dipotassium (Tranxene:Abbott) is a benzodiazepine pro-drug 2mg/kg q12 FORRESTER, S. DRU, D.V.M., M.S., DIP ACVIM ET AL KBr 15mg/lb – 25mg/lb and even 45mg/lb Loading – rapid control: A loading dose of 450-600 mg/kg, usually divided over 5 days, If the patient … Read more