Ear Infections in Dogs

Right now the best luck I’m having with ear infections is with Claro. I’ve got information about that in my web site, and at my clinic. Below is a downloadable document that explains Claro in detail. https://drjohnson.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Ear-infections-can-now-be-treated-with-a-medication-dispensed-into-a-targeted-ear_final.pdf Ear Troubles In this document, I will discuss the different ear problems I see, and some of the … Read more

Ear Infections in Dogs: How To Treat Ear Infections / Canine

Image 123rf Dog ear Infection - How to control ear infections in dogs

Ear Medication Routine – CHRONIC otitis externa For a routine ear infection – we usually use one medicine which is supposed to kill the germs or yeasts (or both) that are observed in the ear. It’s simple: The ear’s messed up – we put medicine in there for a week, and bang – all better. BUT NOo-o-o-o-oo   sometimes additional factors like … Read more