How To Stop A Cat Peeing All Over The House

cat litter pan inappropriate elimination urination

How To Stop A Cat Peeing All Over The House In this installment of information, I’m presenting a download. Mainly. If your cat’s peeing all over the house, you’ve got a problem. First order of business is to figure out if it’s an infection. Ruling that out, then it’s behavioral. And if that’s the case, … Read more

Cat IAE Pee: Inappropriate Elimination In Cats

Cats that urinate outside the litter pan that do not have FUS may respond well to a larger litter pan

Inappropriate Elimination in Cats If your cat pees outside the litter pan, this article will probably be better news to you than an incurable virus that only infects white supremacists. I just happened to be walking through a big box contractor store and I saw these concrete mixing pans and it made me think of … Read more