Urso – Ursodehydrocholic Acid for Hepatocellular Health in Dogs – Canine Liver Disease

Long ago, traditional Chinese medicine derived that Black Bear gall bladder contents was therapeutic for numerous diseases (link) and disorders. I wasn’t even born at that point and my exposure to TCM is limited. Fast forward to the Vietnam War when military personnel were exposed to large amounts of Agent Orange and suffered severe liver … Read more

Seven Simple Assessments of Liver Health & Function

Seven Simple Assessments of Liver Health & Function By Doc Johnson Besides extremely expensive, (and risky) liver biopsies, ultrasounds, radiographs and bile-acids-tests – – there are seven ways to interpret liver health.  All of these come from the bloodwork. Here are the seven liver measurements and their interpretation: *ALT* – Alanine Amino Transferase: This is … Read more