The Cancers of Apoquel

Anticonvulsant therapies for elderly dogs can extend quality life by a lot

The following taken word-for-word from Zoetis’ FDA Trials / Package Insert. Not fabricated Internet Flim-Flammery / Shenanigans “‘Continuation Field Study After completing APOQUEL field studies, 239 dogs enrolled in an unmasked (no placebo control), continuation therapy study receiving APOQUEL for an unrestricted period of time. Mean time on this study was 372 days (range 1 to … Read more

Itchy Dogs (Article I) How to Control Itching in Dogs

Itching in dogs is caused by drying,atopy,allergies,carb intolerance,contact irritation and more

Itchy (Pruritic) Dogs Some dogs actually seem to enjoy scratching. I doubt they do, but some of them do it alot. You see them rubbing against shrubs and trees, and under the coffee table, and rolling around on their backs in the yard. But sometimes scratching gets ugly. They’ll scratch all night long, and cry … Read more