Salt Dosing Journal for Ich or White Spot – A Case

Salt is the greatest bath treatment of all time. This would have to be one of the single, uncontested assertions made in this website. Salt is both tonic to fish and toxic to parasite. It’s got a wide spectrum encompassing most of the ciliated protozoans and it can offset the negative effects of some water … Read more

“Come on. What Do I Treat The Fish With?”

How to save your fish almost every time, by adding stuff to the water. The most common approach to fish diseases, is just to put medicine in the water with the fish. I have spent over 20 years trying to get people to be better at the hobby and learn what they are doing, and … Read more

Diagnose A Fish Disease in 20 Steps Every Time

The diagnosis of your fish health problem is in one of these twenty videos and frankly, honestly? Most people have the problems figured out in the first 5. Because almost ALWAYS it’s a thing with crowding, or water quality, and then a parasite that responds to BSDT. Start the Diagnosis Step 1 of Twenty Diagnose … Read more

My Fish Are Sick What Should I Do?

ALL FISH DISEASE CASES ARE HANDLED IDENTICALLY. There are two reasons. 1. It is ILLEGAL for you to render a diagnosis or prescribe a treatment for people’s pet fish. This is the practice of veterinary medicine without a license. However, what you do in a pond maintenance capacity is entirely legal. So when you offer … Read more