What is PH and Why Does It Matter? What is An Acid PH?

pH in The Most Basic Terms – by Doc Johnson Simple drop type test with Bromthymol Blue Stay above pH 7.0 for best results with Koi pH can “crash” to 5.5 overnight due to fish, plant and bacterial activity without adequate buffering of water – fatalities result Baking Soda is a good buffer. Check Total … Read more

pH Crash Is a Common Cause of Mass Koi and Pond Fish Death

PH Crash Is The Second Most Common Cause of Overnight Fish Death – by Dr Erik Johnson Abstract Format: pH is just a measurement It needs to be higher than seven A high pH doesn’t really matter unless there’s ammonia in the water pH is supported by carbonate Baking soda is a short term carbonate … Read more

PH in Aquatic Environments Is a Key Element to Success

To keep things really simple; pH is basically just a “test” you run to get a result you need to have. And you need to run it. That bears repeating. You need to run pH tests periodically in the care of your fish pond. One of the most common water quality problems in ponds is … Read more