Stone Cold Facts: Quality of Life.

Stone Cold Facts: Quality of Life. “An animal just wants to feel OK and be able to do what it has done all of its life without fear and discomfort. When those days are gone, if mother nature doesn’t take them out, you’re supposed to. Dogs don’t subjectify that, or count their days.” Dr Johnson

How We Put Dogs and Cats To Sleep At Johnson Veterinary Services

How we put dogs and cats to sleep… One night when I was in college a million years ago, I was eating pizza and drinking beer. I grew more and more sleepy as the beer took hold. Finally, I went to sleep with a bite of pizza in my mouth. To be honest, it was … Read more

Euthanasia: Dogs and Cats When Is It Time?

Sick old dogs can't leave on their own sometimes

I Think We Are Lucky We Can Choose to Euthanize Suffering Companions. A Life Well Remembered A woman wrote me a kind letter after I euthanized her really good dog, and she said “Thank you for your work to make Thor’s life so well remembered.” And what that means is that his life was good. And at … Read more