Can I Save Money With 866PetMeds Pharmacy?

Maybe, if the pharmacy is VIPPS accredited. The question came up about getting medicines a little cheaper from some of the online places. It’s really confusing because FDA has determined that 98+% of online pharmacies are sham. 800Petmed is holding up “pretty well” but still won’t rate human drugs because of idiosyncrasies in sourcing and … Read more

Heartworm Prevention for Twelve Dollars! @ Bill’s Pharmacy

I found my heartworm prevention for twelve dollars at Bill’s Pet Supply. (He’s a veterinary technician who steals Heartworm pills from the office he works at, and doesn’t have a pharmacy license. He sells them on Craigslist.)  I need a prescription to make this “legal” 666PetMeds will sell me “heartworm prevention” (which they CANNOT buy … Read more